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PwC selected as a Vanguard Firm

PwC US announced recently it has been recognized as a Vanguard firm in “The Kennedy Vanguard of Change Management Consulting Providers” report.

The firm believes in “making change stick,” which involves three key elements: focusing on achieving benefits and setting up measures to track them; encouraging the involvement of people who will deliver the change in practice; and building sustainability by embedding new ways of working into performance management and training processes.

Kennedy highlights the company’s strengths in the report, which include:

  • “Innovation & Thought Leadership: The company conducts extensive research into the practice and discipline of change management. The firm is collaborating with the University of Melbourne on a study into organizational agility and the internal competencies required to thrive in a volatile marketplace.
  • Training: PwC’s global change management training program has been adopted by every territory in PwC’s network, and content has been tailored to cultural differences and focus areas deemed important for local change practitioners.
  • PwC Brand: As a young business, PwC’s People & Change service benefits from the PwC brand as a reliable, dependable service provider with a strong heritage in technology, finance, and analytics.”

According to the report: “PwC has built an integrated, holistic approach to change management in which people and culture are key components. The approach is incorporated in consulting methodologies developed for larger transformation initiatives, including Performance Alignment and PwC Transform.”



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