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PwC: Success in globalisation lies in “how.”

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

PwC has researched the experiences of leading international companies and used data from some 1,250 CEOs to find a framework which will help business leaders make the most of opportunities and avoid common pitfalls.

The three priorities have emerged from the research. They are:

Be wary of a precise 7-10 year plan. Look at a broad range of outcomes including tougher scenarios and bolder innovations.

Balance objective and entrepreneurial instincts. Identify the right business information to help de-risk key decisions

Get ready for deeper collaboration in your priority markets. Focus on the broader needs of the country as well as your commercial objectives.

“For many companies globalisation is essential, not an option; but it’s still risky, with many failures as well as successes. This work identifies three key priorities to get things right,” says Tony Poulter, global head of Consulting at PwC .
A copy of the PwC report Growth in new markets: It’s all about how can be downloaded at:

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