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PwC: UK needs good growth, not just GDP

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

The PwC / Demos report ‘Good Growth for Cities’ measured the performance of 36 of the largest UK cities against a basket of categories defined by the public as key to economic success and wellbeing. It ranks some of the UK’s regional cities including Aberdeen, Warrington & the Wirral, and Belfast higher than in tables of economic size, usually dominated by London, Birmingham, and Manchester. It found that the public believes there’s more to life than GDP, with the results suggesting that some of the traditional perceptions of a north – south divide could be outdated.

The highest ranking cities in the Index tend to do relatively well on jobs, income and health, as well as providing for the future and the environment. However the results suggest there is a price for this, seen in relatively low scores for work-life balance and housing affordability. Housing affordability is frequently a focus of concern including in Oxford, Bristol and London.

The recent Cities of Opportunity report conducted by PwC in conjunction with the Partnership for New York City, examined the social and economic performance of 27 of the world’s leading cities and named London in the top ten in all bar two of the ten indicators

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