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PwC: Understanding Grocery Shopper Values Sets Gold Standard

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

No experience happens as often, grabs share of wallet, and stimulates the senses more than grocery shopping, finds PwC US in a new report titled Experience Radar 2013: Lessons from the U.S. Grocery Industry.

The PwC report defines the several behaviors that companies can adopt to enhance customer experience and create value including staff quality as one the most important factor in determining preference, staff quality impacts where customers shop one-third of the time. As most customers still shop for groceries in person, invest in employees to deliver engaging experiences, motivating shoppers to return and employees to stay. While high-tech self-checkouts are essential, some customers feel more at ease with conventional methods and will pay a premium for attendant checkout to avoid technology difficulties.

As well PwC  finds the ability to create relationships with customers by evoking positive emotions based on what they care about important. With 10 percent of premium customers willing to pay for a storewide discount loyalty program, personalize shopper experience by investing in robust loyalty programs to reward customers with personalized deals. Customers embrace brands that reinforce their lifestyles. For example, expand organic offerings to lure the fast-growing number of consumers who care about their organic lifestyle and are often willing to pay a premium for organic produce. With growing awareness of global warming and recycling, invest in sustainable solutions to bring shoppers in the door.

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