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Protiviti: Governance Portal 4.0 Makes It Easier for Businesses to Manage Compliance

By Rob Starr, Content Manager,

Protiviti Governance Portal 4.0 is a major milestone in the development of GRC platforms, featuring a new user interface and new communication, collaboration and reporting capabilities that simplify GRC tasks and support business intelligence, data analysis and Big Data initiatives. The easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use online solution also supports extensive and flexible options, dubbed “Your GRC,” that enable business users to work in their own functional areas—including enterprise performance and risk management, compliance, internal audit, IT governance and others — while still collaborating on a centralized, enterprise-wide GRC effort. The flexibility, simplicity and reporting capabilities of the Governance Portal make it easier for forward-thinking organizations to execute on GRC strategy while supporting improved business performance.

Scott Wisniewski, managing director, Risk Technologies, Protiviti comments:

“The latest version of the Governance Portal changes the way GRC platforms are used,” he said. “To date, GRC systems have mostly been used as assurance tools. Effective GRC, though, is about proactively moving your business forward in an ethical manner. The Governance Portal 4.0 promotes communication and collaboration across the enterprise and enables individuals to rally around corporate strategies while fully understanding related strategies and tolerances. Recognizing the complexity of our customers’ businesses, the new version of the Governance Portal allows stakeholder groups to tailor their individual approach while still aggregating up to a holistic corporate picture. We are pleased to present to our customers a tool that is more than a good assurance tool; it is a platform that will help our customers manage business performance.”

Protiviti Governance Portal 4.0 provides out-of-the-box templates for common GRC functional areas, allowing clients to implement the system and achieve results quickly. New configuration options also enable the system to accommodate different stakeholder requirements while still allowing for the aggregation of results into a single, holistic GRC view.

Interactive dashboards, based on a published reporting model, allow clients to easily develop new reports without coding. The dashboards provide composite views of GRC information with the ability to drill-down into details. Ad hoc analysis can now be scheduled to allow lines of business to generate reports without impacting system performance.



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