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McGladrey Overview

McGladrey & Pullen, LLP operates under the McGladrey brand as the fifth largest U.S. provider of assurance, tax and consulting services. With nearly 6,500 professionals and associates in more than 70 offices nationwide,  McGladrey & Pullen is a licensed CPA firm.

It is the U.S. member of RSM International (“RSMI”). RSM International is the sixth largest network of independent accounting, tax and consulting firms worldwide, with 714 offices in 83 countries, and more than 32,000 people. The member firms of RSMI collaborate to provide services to global clients, but are separate and distinct legal entities which cannot obligate each other. Each member firm is responsible only for its own acts and omissions, and not those of any other party.

The firm provides assurance, tax and consulting services through our practice areas:


National Leaders

Joe Adams, Managing partner and CEO

Mike Kirley – Chief operating officer

Doug Opheim – Chief financial officer

Bruce Jorth – Chief risk officer

Rick Miller – General counsel

Jim Morton – Assurance national leader

Jeff Johannesen – Tax national leader

Gary Sturisky – Business consulting national leader

Mendy Nudelman – National Industry Leader

Regional leaders:

Bill Gorman – Southeast

Tom Ferreira – Northeast

David Shane – Great Lakes

Kevin Prien – Central

Don Natenstedt – West


McGladrey’s history goes back to 1926, when Ira B. McGladrey began an accounting company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The name of the firm was I.B. McGladrey Company. It started after McGladrey purchased a space big enough for seven people from  Billings, Prouty and Tompkins, who were his employers at the time. Soon practices with one person were added  in Davenport, Burlington and Iowa City, Iowa. After a decade of being in business, George Hansen and Keith Dunn became partners. Several years later in 1937, the firm changed its name to McGladrey, Hansen, Dunn & Company.

For the following 40 years, the company grew into 29 offices in eight states. By 1966, McGladrey was including consulting services. Ira McGladrey who worked at the national and state levels, was involved with the firm until he died in 1952.

Fast forward to  November 1978, when the company merges with Broeker Hendrickson & Co. and the new name becomes McGladrey Hendrickson & Company. With headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, Broeker Hendrickson & Company also included 16 offices in five states. The merger allowed the firm to serve clients all through the Midwest.

Another six years passes and the company merges with A.M. Pullen and Company which is headquartered in North Carolina. A.M. Pullen and Company had 26 offices  in seven states that were located all along the eastern seaboard. As McGladrey Hendrickson & Pullen, the firm’s offices extended from the east coast to the west coast, north to Duluth, MN, and south to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

To make things more simple, the company changed its name to McGladrey & Pullen in 1987.

McGladrey sold its non-attest assets and business to H&R Block, Inc. in 1999. RSM McGladrey Inc. was subsequently formed as an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of the Block organization. Because independence was critical , McGladrey & Pullen was maintained as a separate entity offering audit and attest services. McGladrey & Pullen was owned and managed by McGladrey & Pullen partners, independent of RSM McGladrey.

In November 2011, McGladrey & Pullen purchased RSM McGladrey from H&R Block. This reunited the two firms as a leading partner-owned  assurance provider that also dealt in tax and consulting services.  The company has over 70 offices nationally with almost 6,500 employees.

In May 2012, the firm changed its name to McGladrey LLP.

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