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By Rob Starr, Content Manager

WeiserMazars LLP recently announced that as of August 10, Gregory K. Black had joined as a Partner in the Tax Practice. As a CPA and estate planning attorney with 15 years experience, Black brings a wealth of knowledge from past positions as a Director in the Private Wealth Services Group of Grant Thornton and a Staff Attorney in the Stroock & Stroock & Lavan Private Client Group.
Located in the New York office, Black will substantially enhance the firm’s services to high net worth clients by structuring sophisticated wealth transfer plans and providing income, estate and gift tax return compliance services. He was able to find time in his busy schedule to answer a few of our questions.

What aspects of your previous experience will benefit you most as you move to Weiser Mazars?

I am a CPA and an attorney and I have specialized in the private client area for more than 15 years. In addition to extensive experience at accounting firms preparing of all types of income, estate and gift tax returns, I also practiced law for approximately 10 years as an estate planning

Gregory Black

attorney. My experience from both the accounting and law firm environments will allow me to offer a wide range of tax accounting and estate planning consulting services which will add a tremendous amount of value for our clients.
What first attracted you to them?

What first attracted me to WeiserMazars is the firm’s dedication to the private client area. The Private Client Services group is a focus of the firm, bringing together experts in many specialty areas which are particularly important to high net worth clients, including tax compliance and planning, international tax, estate, trust and gift planning, financial planning, insurance and investment advisory, and compensation and benefits. It is clear that this area will continue to be a focus and that WeiserMazars will continue to grow the practice and expand and improve the service offerings available.

What are the needs of the firm’s high net worth clients?

In today’s business environment, WeiserMazars’ clients need their CPAs to guide them through income tax compliance, income tax planning, estate, trust and gift planning, as well as financial planning, including retirement, insurance and investments. They may also need assistance with business succession planning, creditor protection and sensitive family issues. More and more, high net worth clients require trusted advisors with a broad knowledge base, who have the resources to meet their complex needs.
How will you serve these needs?

WeiserMazars has done a fantastic job of building a Private Client Services group which includes specialists in all areas that are critical for high net worth clients. I am excited about assisting our clients in my areas of expertise and discussing with our clients all of our various service offerings.

How does the state of regulatory change factor in?

The state of constant regulatory change in the high net worth practice area makes it even more critical for clients to choose advisors who are true specialists and who keep are prepared at all times to give advice and make recommendations which best suit the client’s needs based on the existing regulatory environment. The WeiserMazars Private Client Services group is an outstanding team of specialists who are in a unique position to guide clients through any regulatory environment.


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